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We help build your brand Impact, Influence and Reach!


Brands are built with Communication - open, free-flowing, transparent, and consistent. Communication opens doors - it commands loyalty and respect. It helps you impress and inspire your audience.

We set the tone of your brand communication. We weave words and visuals into your brand communication - to build an instant and meaningful connect with your audience.

“We work with companies and founders who love the 'extraordinary'... the ones who have bold, innovative ideas. Brands that exist to bring great value to their customers, inspire us. They entice us into being our creative best"

Rina Barreto Shankar


Our Services

We help drive Brand Growth

We believe in creativity that is BOLD, strategy that is INNOVATIVE, and EXECUTION that is swift & impactful. Our 'build-a-brand-to be proud of' approach appeals to organisations and founders with a BIG vision for their brand.

Brand Growth Strategy

Empower Your Brand's Future with our Results-Driven Growth Strategy

Brand Growth Strategy

Brand Asset Designs

Crafting Distinctive Brand Assets for Lasting Impressions.

Brand Asset Designs

Digital Marketing

Amplify Your Online Presence with Expert Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Marketing & PR

Elevate Your Brand's Image through Strategic Marketing and PR

Marketing & PR

Creative AdTech

Innovative Adtech Solutions That Fuel Your Campaigns

Creative AdTech

Bespoke Advertising

Tailored Advertising Solutions for Your Unique Brand

Bespoke Advertising

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Brands Communication that connects emotionally and intelligently 

Meet the team

This is Us

Our team is eclectic...with slivers of quirkiness. It balances the high levels of free-flowing creativity and helps us keep things simple, yett intersting - for ourselves and our clients. From diverse industries and with varied mindsets we bring in the perfect blend of awesomeness to our work


Rina Barreto Shankar

Founder & CEO
2 decades in Brand Building, Marketing Communication & PR. BRAND EXPERT, COMMUNICATION STRATEGIST, MENTOR COACH
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Shankar Ramachandran

Strategy, People, Proposition Management
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Fatima Khan

Business Development and Marketing Executive
Marketing Communication Expert and Social Media Strategist
Design Expert

David Noronha

Creative Head
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Ishaan Pankar

Business Coordination Executive, Client Management & New Business Development


People Orientation

Our Team consists of Business Growth Strategists, Brand Consultants, Personal Brand Experts, Digital Marketing Strategists, Content Creators, Brand Designers.

Together we work with clients across Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, UAE, Austarlia and Canada (and with our sights set on wider geographies) to help them build powerful businesses



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Frequently Asked Questions

Have queries about your brand building journey? 

What exactly do you do?

Cheree Tree is a brand and business growth agency. We have worked with clients across the globe. With brands that are just setting up, we have defined their communication strategy after helping sharply identify their target segment. We’ve designed their brand identity with logo, website and marketing collaterals. We’ve helped them launch in new markets with hoarding designs, radio scripts, on-ground presence, and digital marketing strategy.

With established businesses that have been in the market for 5-20years, we help you sharpen your communication, rebrand yourselves to appeal to a new audience, redraft your online and unground presence to compete in an evolving marketplace.

We drive growth, by building brand image and increasing brand visibility with communication strategy.

How are you different from other agencies?

We bring in 20 years of expertise in the barnd building, marketing communication and business start-up space. We love working with brands that have a strong value proposition. And we help communicate this to the marketplace. Sometimes the best way to do this is through a personal branding strategy – at other times it requires a clever mix of traditional and digital marketing strategy. Having done a lot of this in the past, we’ve sharpened our senses on a curated brand growth plan that’s unique to your business. You’ll love our ‘out-of-the-mould’ thinking, when it comes to your business and brand growth!

What’s your process to help us build our brand?

We view your business through the lens of a growth partner – and together with your team we develop a road map for exponential growth in a 1 to 1000 Day period.

Our Strength: A strong Brand Communication strategy (content that builds a connect with your ideal customer segment as well as digital and on-ground marketing strategy) + A Business Growth strategy (collaborations, new market opportunities, new offerings that will interest your customers).

End Result: Provide 360degree support  so that there is recall, loyalty and trustability towards your brand

So how do I get started?

This one’s simple…just click here to book your FREE 1st consultation (we do charge a nominal fee post this call, so make it count).

Post this we will send you a “Client Brief” briefing document which will take you 5-minutes to fill in, but will give us invaluable information to help us know your brand better

And then, we define the scope and the estimated time and cost required to give you exactly what your brand requires, at this stage.

Sounds great! What will it cost me to start?

We work with brands from a 100 to 1000 day period.

For brands that have a BIG plan and a clear vision, we work on an annual retainer – hand holding every creative output, every colour, font and message that is used to communicate your brand. We become the Brand Manager and Chief Marketing Officer, guiding the PR strategy and the business growth strategy.

Want an indicative figure? Our minimum level of engagement on a brand building project is INR 32,000/-
Yes, we do take on short-term, one-time projects such as brand designs, website development, brand analytics, content writing, media buying, brand events or social media handling too, if you want to check us out!

Who could be your clients?

Our clients consist of organisations, professionals, and leaders. We help them build Impact, Influence and Reach. (which in turn leads to revenue!).
We do this with clever Brand Designs, Marketing Communication, Digital marketing strategy and PR.


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