Oorja Wellness Centre

Over the last 12 years, Oorja Wellness Centre has brought health & wellness to the community. As a fully-fledged Ayurvedic centre, they are equipped to treat lifestyle ailments, and offer Ayurvedic treatments for prevention and cure of disease. Dr Sneha Bhagwat, co-founder, is well-respected and reputed for her expertise as an Ayurvedic Specialist as well as her social and community contributions

Our Deliverables:

1. Personal Branding (Profile building, Youtube & LinkedIn Presence)

2. Social Media Posts, Video scripts & Editing

3. Script writing for various talk-shows

5. Concept Presentation (BodyKraft)

Personal Branding Videos & Youtube Channel Management

Promotional Posters


“Cheree Tree Concepts has handled brand development for Oorja Wellness Centre since December 2020. Their complete understanding of our work has helped us a lot. They have been able to give us very creative, attractive social media posts, videos, and other content. It has helped me to present my business and our wellness centre treatments, etc. to our target audience. They have always delivered more than is expected and I highly recommend them as a Marketing & Branding partner to help your business”.

Dr Sneha Bhagwat