Cheree Tree Concepts

FAQ’s : In case you love us and want to know more:

What exactly do you do?

Chree Tree is a brand growth agency. We have worked with clients across the globe. With brands that are just setting up, we have defined their communication strategy after helping sharply identify their target segment. We’ve designed their brand identity with logo, website and marketing collaterals. We’ve helped them launch in new markets with hoarding designs, radio scripts, on-ground presence, and digital marketing strategy.

With established businesses that have been in the market for 5-20 years, we help you sharpen your communication, rebrand yourselves to appeal to a new audience, redraft your online and unground presence to compete in an evolving marketplace.

We drive growth, by building brand image and increasing brand visibility with communication strategy.

Do you do anything differently from every other agency?

Yes we do! We love working with brands that have an edge – a clear differentiator – a tremendous value proposition. And we communicate these to the marketplace. Sometimes the best way to do this is through a personal branding strategy – at other times it requires a clever mix of traditional and digital marketing strategy. Having done plenty of this in the past, we know what to apply where – to get the most out of your buck!

What’s your process to help us build our brand?

Communication strategy (that’s both visual and verbal content that informs your customers about your product/service) + Business growth strategy (that’s possible collaboration, new market opportunities, new offerings that will interest your customers)

So how do I get started?

This one’s simple…just click here to book your FREE 1st consultation (we do charge a nominal fee post this call, so make it count).

Post this we will send you a “Client Brief” briefing document which will take you 5-minutes to fill in, but will give us invaluable information to help us know your brand better

And then, we define the scope and the estimated time and cost required to give you exactly what your brand requires, at this stage.

Sounds great! What will it cost me to start?

We work with brands for a minimum of 3 months (if its a social media push that you need or a brand identity designs)

For brands that have a BIG plan and a clear vision of where they see the future of their brand, we work on an annual retainer – hand holding every creative output, every colour, font and message that is used to communicate your brand. We become the Brand Manager and Chief Marketing Officer, guiding the PR strategy and the business growth strategy.

Want an indicative figure? Our minimum level of engagement on a brand building project is INR 24,000/- We deliver a clear road-map/creative output in return for this fee

Can you make it real easy for me to understand what you do?

Yes of course ! We ensure your audience wants to buy your products and services, and trusts and respects your brand (as long as you do too!)